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Kitchen/Family Room – Udny, Aberdeenshire


Jason Fraser & Jodi Thomson
Udny, Aberdeenshire


Provide Window Dressings for Kitchen/Family Room


Romo & Casamance

When my clients built their new home, they initially had intensions to keep the windows clear of any dressings and enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside.

However, after several months in their new home, they found the room suffered with quite an echo due to the vaulted ceiling and the hard surfaces of the polished concrete floor and quartz worktops.

We were faced with having to overcome different frame heights between the fixed pane windows and the large sliding door.

After some considerable thought, we decided to make and install the pelmets, using the sliding door for placement due to it having a lower frame.

The velvet fabric by Casamance was a very close match to the grey frames of the windows, meaning it wasn’t too noticeable against the kitchen window frame which opens into the room. It also compliments the polished concrete floor and is a darker shade of the lighter kitchen cabinets.

With the large sliding door opening to the right, we added a single right curtain which consists of 7 widths of fabric, weighing it at over 17kgs! We added single curtains to the other two large windows for symmetry and to keep as much of the glass clear as possible.

The curtains are blackout lined which will keep the heat out in the summer months, and the heat in over the winter. The lovely heavy fabric by Romo was chosen the match the navy island of the kitchen, with a wave heading for a neat stack back.

The two windows either side of the fireplace we added Roman blinds with mini pelmets. We motorised these blinds, simply operated by a remote which can also be set on a timer so they can open and close at the same time each day. The blinds were made so they were level with the pelmets on the adjacent windows, resulting in a space that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with level height.

I am delighted that adding these soft furnishings to the room has had a considerable impact on the echo, meaning my clients can now enjoy this beautiful space even more.

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Katherine designed and hand made our bespoke curtains, pelmet’s & cushions throughout our whole home. Paul professionally fitted everything using laser guided equipment ensuring a flawless, beautiful installation. Oh Sew Perfect can wholeheartedly be proud of calling their company this name as everything from start to finish was indeed perfect.

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